About Olka

Olka is an Advanced Kambo Practitioner and a Shamanic Practitioner. She has been serving Kambo since 2018.

Tribes of the Amazon often refer to Kambo as "Hunting Magic" as it strengthens the physical body and the mind. Kambo brings energy and stamina into the body and sharpens the senses. It makes the mind still and allows one to think clearly. The small things that bother us daily do not seem to be as significant following a Kambo session, allowing one to focus on the things that truly matter in life.

How Olka came to Kambo

Olka first learned about Kambo while she was in Peru working with other sacred plant medicines. She had several Kambo treatments in Peru and experienced deep cleansing and healing. She felt an instant connection to the spirit of Kambo and was drawn to learn all she could about this sacred medicine while she was there. When she returned home she met her teacher - Mexican ShaWoman - who teach her lots of tricks and secrets , then she continued to work with kambo and learn about Kambo and began treatments on herself regularly.

Olka's Kambo experience

Olka has never supported the pharmaceutical industry and has always been a strong believer in natural medicines . She has spent years studying and using natural/alternative medicines and Kambo is the most powerful treatment she has come across for healing on all levels. She wanted to be able share Kambo with others on their healing journey and deepen her studies through Tribal Detox practitioner training and became a certified kambo practitioner.

Equipment for kambo

Kambo is a very powerful sacred medicine that deserves respect and needs to be administered by someone who is properly trained. She is honoured to carry the medicine of the Kambo frog and humbled to be of service to those who are called to Kambo. Olka also works with other sacred plant medicines for the purpose of ceremony and healing.