about KAmbo

“Kambo and leech therapy with Olka has been life changing. I have experienced significant shifts in my body since working with her. My energy levels have increased, my hormones have balanced, I have lost weight, and I feel more vibrant and connected. Olka’s knowledge and enthusiasm coupled with her intuition and gentleness, creates and experience of healing that is safe, nourishing and extremely powerful. I recommend Kambo and leech sessions with Olga to anyone who desires going deeper into their healing journey.”

Stephanie Moore

“I sat my first Kambo ceremony with Olka to overcome my fear of purging and to work on clearing allergies and inflammation from my body.  I was very nervous but Olka's intuitive, gentle, and caring approach allowed me to feel safe and surrender to the beautiful process.  Since ceremony, my allergies have been significantly better than at any point in the last ten years.  I highly recommend working with Olka and will definitely be sitting with her again soon!”


“The experience with Olga was just unbelievable. From start to end, we felt secure about this experience with Olga. She takes the time on each step with so much love and compassion that it makes you comfortable and in a safe environment. It was our first time, and we will do it again with Olga. She knows what she does, and she is doing it with so much good intentions. Thank you!”


"I had a magical Kambo ceremony with Olga a year ago. My intension was to heal internal trauma, grief I was caring with me. During  the ceremony I was able to open up and feel the healing in fullness, I finally let go. Olga is such a caring and loving person and professional. She knows exactly what you need during the ceremony. The space Olga creates for her clients is the safest and loving. I always recommend Olga to all the people I love who needs help and guidance."


​Olga is an angel on ​​earth and healing is in her bones!She has changed my health through ​leech ​therapy and through other therapeutic modalities ​​my overall health. When I first met ​Olga, I was chronically tired, emotionally drained and experiencing joint​ and ​muscular pains​. ​First, I was terrified of putting leeches ​on my body. But it took only one session and one gifted healer to change my mind. I almost can't compare her to any other healer​s​ because she is in a category of her own. Her ​​intuition and ability to meet you where you are at without overwhelming is rare - and not something you can teach. I've now been seeing​ Olga for ​a few months​ and I've never felt healthier or had better skin. What I value most and why I will always go back: she is constantly evolving and always backing her modalities with science. Ultimately, ​Olga is an energy shifter. She clears blockages and opens your body and mind to health.

​Ewa K.

Olga's treatments for Kambo therapy have been absolutely life-changing for me.

First about Olga,

It's very rare in a person's life to meet a true healer such as Olga. She brings powerful energy to her sessions that transcend care of the body into care for your spirit. She brings a pearl of collective wisdom to her work coupled with a level of divine feminine strength that transmutes into a shared sense of courage, trust, and love that I truly haven't experienced from any other in her field. Did I mention that she can heal with her hands? This can only be properly described by experiencing it, all I say is wait and see what I mean. Those who already had the privilege of working with her know exactly what I mean. The last point I'll make before going into her practice is her level of devotion to each of her clients. She loves us like her children and as such will make tremendous sacrifices to get to her babies when they need her. I'm very fortunate to have found her.

I first worked with Olga and Kambo last August when I was diagnosed with COVID. My wife reached out to Olga who with no concern for her own health drove immediately to my home at the New Jersey Shore. She walked us through the process with her usual level of knowledge and care, then said in her strong yet loving Ukrainian voice "Ok, let's do it". Immediately as the Kambo started working through my body I could feel something changing. The Medicine was healing me... Once it was over, the symptoms had completely vanished. I was literally cured of any conditions, in fact, I felt better than I had in years. "Light as a feather" are the only words I can put to it that do justice. Since then we have worked with it throughout the year as our primary method of maintaining a strong immune system powerful enough to confront today COVID ridden world.

Christian Pescatore