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Folk medicine - hirudotherapy (leechetherapy)

Insufficient awareness of the population about the amazing properties of the medical leeches, the lack of knowledge about mechanisms of action of this therapeutic agent, the non-acceptance and ignorance of this method by doctors of official medicine, the lack of methodological recommendations aimed at a wide range of readers - these, in my opinion, are the main reasons for the limited use of this ancient method.

Hirudotherapy is an amazing natural healing effect due to the effects of medical leeches.The use of medical leeches is very safe and effective method of treatment.

Use of medical leech

The medical leech is a unique living organism, the evolution of which has more than one hundred million years. The leech, as a biological species, survived dinosaurs and mammoths, managed to adapt to climate change, practically unchanged.

Medical leech

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Saliva, the secret of a leech, which enters the wound, contains a whole complex of biologically active substances, more than a hundred medicinal components, a special substance hirudin, enzymes, hormones, including the "hormone of joy" serotonin, as well as vitamins and amino acids. Hirudin makes the blood more  thin and prevents it from forming unnecessary platelets , it helps to prevent and prevent heart attacks, strokes, and thrombosis. It turns out that leeches are, in fact, a real pharmaceutical "mini-factory" for the production of biologically active substances, the use of which can not only cure many diseases, but also rejuvenate the human body.

However, with the appearance on the market of medicines in the form of tablets, ointments and injections, the medical leech has ceased to be an official method of healing.

Doctors prefer simple, affordable, quick and less hassle treatments than leeches. Patients who were treated with pills and injections did not experience fear during  procedure of setting with leeches, they did not have to watch how the leech getting bigger draws “bad” blood out of them. The tablet acted simply and quickly. but True is - after its effect ended, patients quite often found that the former symptoms of the disease were still the same. In addition to everything, the stomach, liver and kidneys suddenly began to hurt.

Medical leech

Synthetic drugs caused unwanted side effects in most patients, one was cured, another was crippled.

Exhausted by synthetic drugs, patients began to seek help from an ancient method - a leech. After several sessions of hirudotherapy, the patient, as a rule, felt much better. In addition, sleep improved and appetite appeared, mood improved, some kind of inner uplift was felt, a surge of strength,

Medical Leech Therapy

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List the main mechanisms of the complex effect of biologically active substances contained in the saliva of medical leeches on our body.

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